Chris Trahan

I was born in Lake Charles, LA and live there with my parents Vernon & Rhonda Trahan until the summer before my 1st grade year when we all moved to Moss Bluff. Both of my parents are from Lake Charles as well. I was employed by MidSouth Technologies as a Security Specialist from January 2012 to April 2015 until they were acquired on May 1st 2015 by Global Data Systems in which my title changed to Energy Services Technician 2. I am presently contracted with Commercial Security Integration (CSI) in Austin.

My daughter Britney was an amazing young lady that refused to let anyone be sad around her. She had a gift of compassion and would help anyone with anything. She often talked to me about wishing she could figure out a way that she could help kids that were less fourtanate than she was. After Britney’s death I knew the perfect thing to do. This Foundation has been formed to be Britney’s legacy to help all we can to be able to get as much fulfillment from music as she did.

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