Picture of BritneyTHE LIGHT OF MY LIFE
Inspired by Britney Anne Trahan

Suddenly, and without warning, I am gone. Gone from this world, this life, as we all know it to be. At 16 I’d say was a wee bit too early but wasn’t that just like me I even arrived here early but there are no guarantees are there. My name is Britney Anne Trahan. I am a Jr. at Sam Houston High School in Moss Bluff. I have so much to say, yet not much room here to say it. Life to me was wonderful. Sure I had my ups and downs like most, but everyone should know how much I loved life and all those people who surrounded me. There was so much to my life that made it so special! I was planning so many exciting things. Like, once I told my parents I loved the thought of playing an instrument in a band, and whoa, I have a clarinet! I cannot tell you how many hours I spent playing that thing. They could tell you, after they invested in a crate full of cotton for their ears, LOL. If I were in a bad or down mood, I’d just grab that thing and play until I forgot why it was I began to play anyway. I will always love music, and you know what, it loved me back! :-) Good relationship music and me. Then, my family brings me swimming everywhere we go all my life. My dad and Step-mom even bought a house cause it had a pool!! So that pool alone would be enough for most people, right. Not I want to scuba-dive. I was getting my certification, how cool is that!? Well, now that I’m in heaven, no doubt they scuba here too, cause it felt like heaven each time I went! I will miss all my soccer friends too, so much! I love that game, and have so many great coaches and friends to thank over the years for that too! And all those at Mega Sports Camp, you’re the best! And friends, oh my goodness, I cannot name you all, because I might leave a precious someone out, and I’d hate that…but I have to let my friends know, I’m ok. I do not hurt, I do not feel pain, and in fact I have never been better. I know that it may be hard to understand, but heaven is real and I’m here and you can talk to me anytime. And you all were so good for me, and to me…you were such good friends. How could anyone ask for anything better than you!? And my dog Rusty, I will miss you too. hopefully doggy heaven and my heaven are connected and I will see you again too one day. I will always be grateful for having such a wonderful, supportive family. When I said soccer, I had soccer shoes, when I said music, I had an instrument. You were the best family a kid can have. I didn’t always see that, but I do now. To my dad Chris, I love you dearly. I will miss you so much daddy. And to my Step-mom Trisha, who is the coolest Step-mom ever, please take care of dad….I love you too Trisha!. And to my mom Christina and Step-dad Chris, y’all are made for each other, love each other always as I love you. And to Christopher, my brother, is there anything we didn’t share together? You were my rock growing up, my confidante, my friend, and a beautiful brother too. And hey Christopher take care of your fiancée Kalista, she deserves that! To my Step-sisters Hiedi and Vanessa, only in God’s wisdom could I have had y’all in my life. Both of you are so beautiful, I am so proud of both of you. Smile when you think of me. To my Maw Maw Rhonda and Pawpaw Vernon Trahan, how many times have you saved me, from ‘Whatever’. I love you both so much! And Pawpaw Jack, you did so much for me I don’t know where to begin. And to Grammy Bonnie and Pawdeaux, I will miss you so much! And to Nan Monica and Paw Paw Chuck, you were so good to me. I can never say thank you enough. And Maw Maw Rozy, you always inspired me to be my best. And to all my aunts, uncles, and cousins, I love you all very much too! Please do not be sad, because in my short 16 years, I was loved dearly and I loved back…all my family and friends are the LIGHT OF MY LIFE. Come celebrate my life with us, for all who can make it. They call it, ‘the visitation’ I guess that’s where you all visit, :-) is from 4pm-8pm this Tuesday, November 25th, at The New Life Worship Center on North Perkins Ferry…thank you Pastor Robert! Then again from 10a.m. Wednesday morning till 1pm, whew, that’s a lot of visiting. Then the service is at 2pm Wednesday same place. I miss and love you all :-) Brit.